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Fundamental Steps to Setting Up an Office

Setting up an office in a foreign country is never easy, but a lot of time can be saved and mistakes minimized with the proper guide. Some of the things a foreign business must consider when opening an office in Japan are:

  • Legal status. Would a representative office suit your needs, or perhaps a branch office or a company? What are the legal and tax ramifications of both?
  • Location. Where is the best mix of proximity to clients, livability and affordability?
  • Equipment. What do you need to make your office fully operational?
  • Staffing. How does one find employees that are competent, enthusiastic and bilingual?
  • Housing. If you're bringing staff from overseas, where will they live? Where will the families shop, the children go to school?

The Business Concierge can help you with all these potentially thorny issues. Many a foreign company has overlooked one or another of these crucial start-up questions, only to pay the price later when business starts to sour. The power of starting out with the right status, location, staff and home life shouldn't be underestimated.

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