Landmark Tower Business Concierge

Introducing Your Concierge

Japan is a tough market to crack. But it's a lucrative one, too, and that's why so many foreign companies have set up shop in Japan. While some have succeeded, many have failed because of misconceptions, bad advice or lack of planning. For foreign companies located in Yokohama's Landmark Tower building, a new service helps companies avoid the pitfalls common to newcomers, save money and begin business in Japan in an efficient and focused way.

How It Works

The Business Concierge service works much like a concierge at a five-star hotel: No question is too absurd, no request out of bounds. From advice on tax law to help with human resources, the Business Concierge is there to smooth the way for your company.

Who's Behind It

Business Concierge services are provided by Mitsubishi Estate Building Management Co.,Ltd. and LINC Media Inc. The services are implemented by people fluent in not only the language but also the cultural lexicon of the country. The Concierge staff offers years of wisdom and will help you avoid the time-consuming and money-wasting mistakes common to companies starting out in Japan.

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