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Q: Is the Business Concierge service offered only to foreign companies with offices in Landmark Tower?

A: The Business Concierge service is offered to companies with offices in Landmark Tower or those that have decided to open an office in the building. We will also help companies find answers to their questions about entering the Japanese market if the company is considering opening an office in Landmark Tower.

Many foreigners live in the neighborhoods surrounding Landmark Tower. Yokohama boasts several international schools, and Landmark Tower is home to bilingual clinics, a child-care center and other facilities that cater to foreign residents. These kinds of services make life much easier for employees who are new to Japan another reason to make Landmark Tower your base here.

Q: Is the Business Concierge service free?

A: It is absolutely free for companies to ask questions about the Japanese market, life in Japan and the Landmark Tower. Once the company decides to open an office in Landmark Tower, related Concierge services like registering the company, setting up an office, etc., will be provided for a reasonable charge.

Q: Who will be responding to company inquiries?

A: The Business Concierge is a service provided by Mitsubishi Estate Building Management Co.,Ltd. and LINC Media, Inc.

Mitsubishi Estate Building Management is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Estate, building Management Company of the Landmark Tower Yokohama. The company's services are often the deciding factor for prestigious Japanese companies that have their offices in buildings owned by Mitsubishi.

LINC Media is a consulting company that entrepreneur Terrie Lloyd, a 20-year resident of Japan, operates to support foreign companies trying to do business in Japan.

Q: Do foreign companies gain any other advantages when using the Business Concierge services?

A: To succeed in business in Japan, a company's reputation is important. The office building a company chooses can play a vital role in quickly establishing a reputation for a lesser-known company. By choosing Landmark Tower as your home in Japan, you will benefit from the prestigious reputation of Mitsubishi Estate.

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