Landmark Tower Business Concierge


The Business Concierge offers advice, services and support for:

  • Accounting
  • Tax issues
  • Immigration
  • Japanese law
  • Payroll and human resources issues
  • Staff training
  • Business development
  • M&A searches
  • Interpretation, translation
  • IT support
  • PR/marketing
  • All aspects of day-to-day business life in Japan

Consider the Advantages of the Business Concierge

  • Without the Concierge, foreign companies must figure out whom to use for basic business services like accounting and legal issues. With the Concierge, a foreign company can spend more time on its core business, confident that key relationships are being formed by people who know the market.
  • Without the Business Concierge, even simple things like filing for a re-entry permit before heading on a vacation eat up hours of valuable time. With the Business Concierge, you work while your permit is processed.
  • Without the Concierge, even figuring out what bus or train to take can be a headache. With the Concierge, it's a breeze.
  • Without the Concierge, your company is dependent on the breadth of your Japan contacts. With the Concierge, your company instantly inherits a wealth of contacts across the spectrum of the Japanese business world.

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